wire mesh

We Wire Mesh The Universe
(An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company)


  • UWP’s Brass wire mesh is manufactured as per industrial standard which has golden yellow colour to it which makes it appealing for use in architectural, decorative and other several applications.
  • Brass wire mesh is superior to copper abrasion resistance and tensile strength, it also hardens the mesh as compared with its counterpart copper wire mesh.
  • This mesh has a chemical composition of approximately 65% Copper with 35% Zinc which is referred to 65 BRASS, in another composition of 70% Copper with 30% Zinc which is referred to 70 BRASS.
  • Applications for which Brass wire mesh are used in cabinet screens, aerospace, metal castings, plumbing screens, marine use, decorative lamp shades, gutter guards and other general industrial use.


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