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What is a test sieve?

Test sieves are intertwining wire or perforated metal that are used for filtration and other purposes. Test sieves are accurately constructed by placing wire cloth between two repressed die formed frames. Stainless Steel or Brass is generally used in the construction of both the frame and woven wire mesh that performs in the straining. These devices are very accurate and are widely used in all types of laboratory particle analysis.
UWP test sieves are available in all mesh opening sizes. Our each sieve is serial numbered and supplied with manufacturing conformance certificate in accordance with the latest revisions for ASTM Standards.
UWP test sieve consists of solid stainless steel sieve frame of high strength for authentic sieving results. We at UWP pay close attention for mesh requirement as the fabric of each test sieve is precisely joined into the frame and tightened. An individual graving is provided on our each test sieve with clear labelling with full traceability. These test sieves are readily available in 8 inch diameter with BSS, ASTM, ISI, MICRON Standards.

Below are the industries in which sieves are used mainly:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Ceramics / Glass
  • Food
  • Agriculture

We also trade in below different sieves:

  1. Multi Mill Sieves
  2. Cad Mill Sieves
  3. Silicone Moulded FBD Sieves


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