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Chain Link is majorly used for commercial purposes like for residential, garden fence, farm fence, school building etc and many more. This fence is a very cheap and low in maintenance with an ease of installation at a low cost. It is also used for partitions and also to secure temporary construction sites. It is available in various standard mesh sizes i.e. 1” x 1”, 2” x 2”, ½” x ½” and few more.
UWP chain link is mainly made of galvanized iron steel, pvc coated, low carbon steel & stainless steel. UWP manufactures chain link fence on special requests made by their esteemed clients.

We provide 2 types of coating in chain link which are:

  1. PVC Coating:
    It has a smooth finish and it effectively protect the fence from rusting. This coating ranges from 1 mm to 3 mm. Though this coating costs higher than the standard G.I chain link fence but they are last longing thrice than the standard ones. It can sustain in extreme hot weather up to 50 degree Celsius with a good resistant to Ultraviolet Rays.
    UWP provides various colours with Green, White, Black, Blue, Brown, Red & Yellow.

  2. Zinc Coating:
    This type of coating is done by two methods i.e. Electro Galvanized & Hot Dipped Galvanized. But mostly hot dipped galvanized wire is used so that wire does not get rusted for long time, whereas electro galvanized is not used for chaink link fence. It ranges from 20 gsm to 290 gsm per sq.meter.
    Some popular uses of chain link fence:

    ➥High Security Fencing
    ➥Private Land Fencing
    ➥Greenery Fencing


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